Harry Potter Moment of the Week 9/3/15


I am very excited to start this meme! Created by a Leah on Uncorked Thoughts, every week a new question is asked that pertains to the Harry Potter Series.

This week: Place you wish we’d explored in the series that didn’t?

I found this to be an exciting, yet difficult question to answer. It required pulling out all of the obscure tidbits of the series from the back of my mind. After conversing with some of my fellow Potterheads, we came to a realization: this is a relatively self contained series. Most of the seven books take place within the walls of Hogwarts, with a dozen other places, only a few being crucial to the story. We know the culture of Hogwarts like the back of our hand, but don’t really get to know the culture of the wizarding world that well. How are wands made? Are spells in other geographic areas done the same? What are wizards like in other geographic areas?


I specifically wished we knew more about the two schools that show up to the Triwizard Tournament: the Durmstrangs and Beauxbatons. Until this point in the series, I never even entertained the thought of other wizarding schools. I would love to be able to see what school is like for them. What do they do the same? What do they do different? I also wonder about the selection process. Are they as selective as Hogwarts? Do they have the same kinds of classes? How many years do they go? Lots of questions to be answered here! I get why they weren’t answered…it’s not crucial to the plot. But! Would be really neat to know. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week 9/3/15

  1. This is a very good blog meme. It is very interesting. It would be very fun to be able to learn about the other two schools. Also, we could find out more about the wizarding world. It would be fin to read more about that


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