You can always find the time! Even if you have to look for it…

Last Monday, you should have seen my planner! I had all my assignments planned out, and I knew when and where I was going to get all my reading done. I was pleased and ready for the week.

And then life happened.

And then it was Friday.

And I still had 3 ½ of my 4 hours of reading left to do.



I got it all done! I also learned that about an hour is as long as I can sit before I go crazy. I read some great books, but I feel like I could have gotten more out of the four hours that I invested in reading.

So, this week, I’ve been taking a different approach that has been working better: using edge time. Edge time is all that random time you end up wasting throughout the day; waiting for an appointment, waiting for class to start, pretty much any time of day that is consumed by mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. I kind of did that last week, but really, I just scheduled out a bunch of different times when I would read for 20 or 30 minutes. I get paranoid and think that I’m going to forget to read that extra half hour if it isn’t scheduled somewhere. This week, I’ve tried to get in the habit of having a book with me at all times. I have a sticky not in it that I use as a bookmark, and to jot down the amount of time I read. This has been working really well so far! I feel like when I’m not rushed to read through something, I get the chance to stop and think about the story, and how I might use this book as a teacher.

While reading four hours of children’s books a week can be a challenge, I’m glad to be doing it! No matter how my week goes, I can look back on my week and know I at least accomplished one important thing!


12 thoughts on “You can always find the time! Even if you have to look for it…

  1. Finding time to read is really struggle when you have so much going on in life. I like what you said about reading during of time. Throughout the day there are more times than we think where we just sit around or waste time on social media. Reading during those times is a great option.


  2. I like your idea of a planner and planning out your reading times! I keep a (very long) note on my computer that lists all of homework and when it’s due next to it, but I keep putting of some things that can wait to do others and then it all takes me forever. I’ll have to look into buying one so I can plan my reading segments in my free time! The sticky note bookmark is a good idea, too!


  3. It’s like you read my mind and know exactly what I do with my edge time. Hello, Facebook! I could probably read twice as much as I currently do if I would shut down Facebook and pick up an actual book. SIGH. Social media addiction is so ugly. Smart thinking to have a book with you at all times. I happened to tuck a book into my purse yesterday and when I was stuck waiting at football practice, I pulled it out rather than my phone. And ended up reading the whole thing! (It was a long wait, LOL.) So that is good advice!


    • Having a book on hand has been key! For me, I have to be in a certain mood to read, and never know when that will be or how long it will last. Sometimes I’ll read 10 minutes and be done, or blink and an hour has gone by!


  4. Great Post! I agree that sometimes it is a struggle to find time to read. But if you think about it, we spend so much time on social media it is ridiculous. All that time you spend looking at Facebook hoping that there is something new on it every time you look at it you could be reading. There is a lot of time to read but we use that time to be on social media.


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