Do you love reading? I think by the end of this video, you at least do a little. The reason I love this so much is because I believe wholeheartedly that students feed off the energy of the teacher 100%. If we want a student to be invested in a cause, we have to show them first that we are. This may be on the extreme end, but by the looks of this age of the students, ANYTHING to get them on board is worth a shot!

Part of the reason I loved this video is that it reminded me of one of my favorite movies, Here Comes the Boom. Kevin James plays a washed up biology teacher that has really given up on his students. In the scene below, he gets his passion back. It makes me want to jump on a table and scream about cell stagnation!

I think that all of the ‘favorite’ teachers out there have one thing in common: passion. I hope that I can one day join that group of teachers by sharing my passion with my students. Just something to think about. Happy Tuesday everyone!


2 thoughts on “I LOVE READING!!

  1. I agree that passion is an important quality in a teacher. We can’t always be passionate about everything we teach, but we can definitely be passionate about our students and about learning. I find Mr Sharp’s passion for reading totally infectious. You can bet I want my child learning in his classroom!


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