It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 10/19/15 #imwayr


Sometimes things don’t quite work out how you planned. This morning, frantically trying to finish Maniac Magee so I could get my required reading in and post today, I stopped to think. What’s more important–speed reading through this to get it done on time, or taking the time to read a highly recommended book? So, I decided to make it part of my reading for this week, and maybe do a little extra to make up for last week if I have the time.

I did manage to get through one other book this week!


Hatchet is a book about a twelve year old boy named Brian, on his way to visit his dad in Canada. Brian is traveling in a small plane with only the pilot, when the pilot has a heart attack and the plane goes down. Thanks to his quick wit, Brian survives the crash. Left with only a hatchet, Brian has to figure out how to survive in the middle of nowhere.

I wanted to go a little out of my comfort zone this week, so I chose a book I normally wouldn’t be drawn to. I ended up really liking this book! It reminded me of Catching Spirit Bear, and I could see either of these books being a good recommendation for someone that liked the other. The author did such a good job painting the scenes, it was like a movie was playing in my mind. I read that there are four other books in this series, and I am intrigued to find some of them!


8 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 10/19/15 #imwayr

  1. I remembering reading this book in school and really enjoying it! I never got a chance to read the other books in the series but I might check into them before the semester is up. Great post glad you liked the book! Good luck finishing the other book.


  2. Thanks for your honest post! I want to read Maniac Magee this semester, so I look forward to your review next week.
    I’ve never read or gotten even interested in Hatchet. Would you recommend it?


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