Harry Potter Moment of the Week 10/22/15


This week, Uncorked Thoughts brings us a new Harry Potter Moment of the Week: The Quibbler needs a new headline story, what do you come up with?

At first, this topic overwhelmed me–What’s a random side story that happened in the book that I could make into a story? I decided instead, to come up with a story I would really like to see happen…


Delores Umbridge passed away early yesterday morning after being attacked by a dementor in Azkaban. It was reported that Umbridge was too demanding given her lowly prisoner status, and the dementor could not stand her annoyingly shrill voice any longer. The dementor’s intent was to take her soul, but could not do so, given she did not have one. Upon further investigation, the dementor was cleared of any wrongdoings, stating that Umbridge got just what she deserved. In lieu of a funeral, there will be a party celebrating her lack of existence. We will bring you these details as soon as we receive them.


4 thoughts on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week 10/22/15

  1. Umbridge might have been the biggest villain/bully in the series! And, the actress played her to a tee – tacky pink suit, “I just don’t care” attitude, and genuine meanness. Good story!


  2. Hahahahaha! This is great–I know it is terrible to cheer at someone’s death, but God…she was horrible! She made me almost dread re-reading the 5th book! Great job–I found this topic to be pretty overwhelming too…in fact, I only came up with a headline, not a story! Oops… 😉


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