It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 11/9/13 #imwayr


What a busy week! I only got around to reading one book this week, but it was time well spent for sure.

From the blogs I’ve read this semester, I would say this book is tied with Manaic Magee for most read. I’m in love with this book, this movie, and everything about it! Louis Sachar is so crafty in the way he ties everything together. I think this book would be fun as a read aloud, or work really well for a literature group. Pairing it with the movie would bring about a great compare/contrast activity. A must for my core classroom library!


8 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 11/9/13 #imwayr

  1. A lot of the teachers I interviewed in my Teacher Feature series recommended this book as a read aloud for the older students (4-6)…so it is definitely popular! I remember reading it in junior high, but am fuzzy on the details, so I have in on my to be read list! I’m glad to hear you liked it too–pretty much everyone I have ever asked about it has enjoyed it!


  2. I’ve seen many posts where the blogger has read this book and they all seem to enjoy it! I have not read it but I have seen the movie and thought it was wonderful! I hope to read the book one day just so I can compare it to the movie. Great post!


  3. I also thought Holes was a great book, and I agree with you that Sachar does a very good job tying the story together. I would agree that Holes would be a quite good book to read aloud in class too.


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