Read Alouds

In my opinion, read alouds are the crux to teaching students how to become lifelong readers. As the teacher, you get to model how to enjoy a book—what could be better? The two blogs I read stressed just how important read aloud are, and I agree. With every other subject, there is information overload, assessments, standards, and so much to be accomplished. Read alouds are a chance to experience an environment other than that above mentioned as a whole class. It’s a chance to come together and build a sense of community through story. To laugh together, to cry together, and everything in between.

Below is my top ten list of read alouds that I would like to one day share with my class. I focused my list on upper elementary, since that is where I’d like to end up. Most of the books I picked fell into three categories I thought important in a read aloud. The first is my all-time favorite books. This goes back to modeling for your students. If they see how excited you get about a book, chances are many of them will get excited. Second, are great book that have sequels or are part of a series. It would be a great way to recommend more books to students that enjoyed the story. Last are books that give you “the feels”. I think the deeper books are great to process as a class. You get to see your students’ reactions, and help them experience the story.

So! Without further ado, here are my top ten read alouds:

  1. Matilda
  2. Holes
  3. Wayside School Is Falling Down
  4. Number the Stars
  5. The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend
  6. Al Capone Does My Shirts
  7. The One and Only Ivan
  8. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
  9. Tuck Everlasting
  10. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

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