Unlocking a New World With Skype

Technology has completely evolved the modern day classroom. Whether that be for better or worse, depends on how you embrace it. I say, any opportunity to model positive technology use is great! Technology isn’t going away, so it is now our job as teachers, to show students the opportunities they have. I recently read an article about author visits via Skype. The article digressed into Skyping experts of all sorts. What a wonderful idea! All of the magic of a special guest speaker without the hassle or cost bringing them to you. Our word today is so interconnected, why not take advantage of it?

The article did raise two questions for me. How do you even go about getting this set up? Do you have to have the connections? Or do you contact whomever on a whim and hope they get back to you? I’m curious how that part of the process would work. The other thing I wonder about is speaker costs. They would be far less since no travel is involved, but do you still have to pay the person for their time? I would be interested to learn more about the logistics. This would be such a fun thing to do with your students!

If I could Skype any author, who would that be….the first person that came to mind: JK Rowling. A person can dream, right?!? However, in the realm of an actual possibility, I would say Andrew Clements, author of Frindle. Someone in their blog mentioned getting to hear him speak, and I think that would be really cool. Skyping in the classroom sounds like a really neat idea, and I hope that I can one day make it happen in my own classroom.


6 thoughts on “Unlocking a New World With Skype

  1. You bring up some great questions. I thought about that too, would a big name author really have time to talk to my little classroom? I have heard that some authors are very excited to talk with classes though, so maybe there’s a chance there. Local authors are also easier to set up talks with, I remember having one visit my class in 5th grade.


    • Yeah, I don’t know…On the one hand, I’m totally with you. On the other hand, it is super convenient for the author. It could be as little as taking 30 minutes out of their day, even from their own home! Cool to think about.

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  2. Skyping with the author does seem to be a great idea, and I agree with you that it would be much easier than having him/her travel to the actual classroom. Technology definitely has created many new, great opportunities for learning!


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