Harry Potter Moment of the Week 11/19/15


Uncorked Thoughts  brings us a new Harry Potter thought to ponder: Favorite JKR moment.

Hands down, this would have to be the moment she decided to get a Twitter account. Rowling’s wit is in full force on her Twitter account and never leaves us bored. I decided to take this moment to share some of my favorite Rowling tweets.


Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 14.30.56

And on that note, happy Thursday.


8 thoughts on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week 11/19/15

  1. I LOVE her. Twitter moments are my faves too!
    I haven’t seen these ones though. The “explain your header” one made me literally laugh out loud!
    You rock Ms. Rowling!


  2. She is just totally awesome, isn’t she?! I love her activist spirit, and she is just so witty!! The British sure have that going for them….me, not so much!
    Did you see the tweets about Neville’s character (the real guy, can’t remember his name) posing half naked on a magazine cover? They are hilarious…. 🙂


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