Mock Caldecott Awards

I’ve heard about doing a Mock Caldecott, and wondered what the process was like. I read two great blogs that gave me some insight into what it takes. I really liked how  The Busy Librarian  incorporated his students in the entire process. They did everything from the evaluation to creating the award stickers. I would love to do something like this in my classroom. Activities like this are great because you can ‘hide’ the standards. The students won’t realize they are learning how to critically evaluate texts if they are focused on selecting their award winners! I think one of the harder parts would be showing students how to evaluate a book (the things they should look at, and not just picking it because it’s their favorite, or their buddy told them to). However, once you got a rubric down, it would make things easier. Maybe I’m not thinking this through enough, but I really don’t know what the challenges would be! This seems like it would be an activity that would go over really well. Seeing the actual winners would be a really fun way to culminate an activity like this.

Mr. Schu’s list of nominees held a lot of books that I have not heard of before. However, they looked like worthy contestants! I would like to read Yard Sale by Eve Bunting. I have read some of her other books before and enjoyed them. I would also like to read Leo: A Ghost Story–the book trailer sold me! I think the books trailers are so cool. They would be fun to use at the beginning of a lesson to motivate your students about a book you plan to read. Last, I would want to read My Cousin Momo, purely based on the cover.

I mean, look at this face! How could you not?

Take a peak at Mr. Schu’s list and let me know what books interest you!


3 thoughts on “Mock Caldecott Awards

  1. I love the cover for My Cousin Momo!
    Here is an idea for how to “teach” the criticism and requirements would be to evaluate past winners. My new favorite picture book was the 2014 winner Beekle!
    It would be cool to watch students rate, talk up their favorites, campaigning even.


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