Harry Potter Moment of the Week 12/3/15


This Week’s Theme: Free Choice. Man, any other day this would be awesome! However, I found myself severely lacking some originality today…so, I decided to go back to past topics and pick one from before I started this meme.

Who would you most like to share a wand core with?

I liked this question, because it got me thinking about who we think we are sometimes, compared to who we really are. In my fantasy world where I have all of the qualities that I wish I had, I would share a core with Luna Lovegood. I’ve defiantly got her spaciness, but not her laid back, confident, and carefree attitude.

However, my anxiety, fear of breaking the rules, and constant strive for perfection (I really should give up on that one, it’s never going to happen) would make me the perfect person to share a core with Hermione.

I don’t totally know where I’m going with this….I just think it’s interesting to think about who we are versus who we’d like to be. Maybe it’s good to have something to strive for, even if it’s not totally accurate. I don’t know!

Now that I’ve finished my incessant rambling for the week, feel free to leave words below and I shall leave you some back. Happy Thursday!


One thought on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week 12/3/15

  1. Great choices. I’ve just had a discussion about wand cores with a student at the school I work with. It is amazing to see students get so into books. Makes me proud to be (slightly) obsessed with Harry Potter.


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