First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros

logoBibliophile By the Sea hosts a meme every week where you post the first paragraph of the first chapter of the book you are currently reading. When I looked at this section of the book I chose to read this week, I felt like I couldn’t not share it. Even out of context, it’s a pretty epic paragraph.



51jx3zbrjul-_sx320_bo1204203200_“The monster stood not a tongue’s length away, eyes fixed on our throats, shriveled brain crowded with air. Hallows are born lusting after the souls of peculiars, and here we were arrayed before it like a buffet: bite-sized Addison bravely standing his ground at my feet, tail at attention; Emma moored against me for support, still too dazed from the impact to make more than a match flame; our backs laddered against the wrecked phone booth. Beyond our grim circle, the underground station looked like the aftermath of a nightclub bombing. Steam from burst pipes shrieked forth in ghostly curtains. Splintered monitors swung broken necked from the ceiling. A sea of shattered glass spread all the way to the tracks, flashing in the hysterical strobe of red emergency lights like an acre-wide disco ball. We were boxed in, a wall hard to one side and glass shin-deep on the other, two strides from a creature whose only natural instinct was to disassemble us–and yet made no move to close the gap. It seemed rooted to the floor, swaying on its heels like a drunk or sleepwalker, death’s head drooping, its tongues a nest of snakes I’d charmed to sleep.”

How’s that for an into? Excited to see where this book goes, and how the story works itself out.


6 thoughts on “First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros

  1. Ohhhh man, this sounds pretty freakin’ intense! I love the fact that it just jumps right in to the action, no intro or fluff, nothing! This book sounds amazing from the looks of it. I love that this is part of a series and the third installment. You don’t need an introduction, you just want to know what happens next from the cliffhanger in the last book! I’m really glad that you chose this meme, especially with such an awesome and interesting book as this! I hope all goes well. Happy reading!



    • Thanks! Yeah, it was interesting to focus in on just the first paragraph. I had already started the book, and it wasn’t until I went back and focused on that part that I realized how incredible it is!


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