It’s Monday! What are You Reading? #imwayr 2/6/17


51jx3zbrjul-_sx320_bo1204203200_Library of Souls| Ransom Riggs I have finally finished all three of the Miss Peregrine books! Library of Souls is the third installment, and I read the second half of it this week. It’s a hard series to summarize, because the pot of the second book is exactly how the first book ends, and the series keeps that pattern. To allude to the adventures in book three would be to give away book two…Overall, I enjoyed the book. It was definitely my favorite of the three. The first two moved a little slow for my liking. Library of Souls was action packed from the beginning. I almost wonder if the author could have done with two books instead of three…that may have allowed the first one to keep the same fast pace that I found in Library of Souls. As it is a fantasy series, these books have a ton of new terminology that is a little difficult to wrap your head around. The first two books could have been paced the same, and it just took me this long to get use to the language. Anywho! I have enjoyed my time with these novels, but it is time to explore some other books.



The City of Ember| Jean Deprau This was my book club’s first selection! I am doing a book club with my younger sister this semester. We live across the country from each other, so I thought this would be a fun way to connect. She is in 8th grade, so I thought it would also be fun to have the perspective of a young adult! Our first assignment was to read about half the book, so that is what I did. I read this book a LONG time ago, vaguely remembered liking it, but didn’t remember any details. So far, it is as good as I remember! Ember is a city that was built by mysterious builders. The city relies on electricity to function–when the generator goes out, the town goes pitch black, even during the daytime. The people of Ember know very little, and will pretty much except what is told to them (even if it comes from the mouth of a very shady mayor). The main characters, Lina and Doon realize the town headed in a very bad direction. Supplies are running low, and the generator keeps failing. It is clear at this point in the book, it is up to them to stand up for their city, and fix the problems. I wanted to read on, but because it is a book club, I had to put a pause on it. I will return in another post with the conclusion of this story!



Girls Like Me| Sarah Dessen I needed another book to put me at my four hours for the week, so I read the first couple of chapters of this book last week, and actually finished it today! I will bring you a more detailed review next week, since I did the majority of the reading for this book under next week’s reading time. All I will say for now is this was my first Sarah Dessen book ever (totally missed that boat in middle/high school), and was quite the experience! I have some thoughts….

But for now, happy Monday and happy reading, everyone!


8 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are You Reading? #imwayr 2/6/17

  1. I am going to have to re-read the first two in the series of “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” so that I can read “Library of Souls.” There have been so many posts about it recently that I will be looking to tackle that series as well this summer. So many books…. Not enough time….


  2. The City of Ember sounds like a great read! I’ll have to check that out sometime. I’m also excited to hear your opinions on Sarah Dessen. I really enjoyed her books in middle/high school, and haven’t revisited them much lately.


  3. Our book club is starting in on the “Miss Peregrine” train and from your reviews, it doesn’t disappoint. Although I’m not thrilled about them being slow at the start, I think it will be a good thing to talk about. I’m also absolutely in love with your book club. Not only is your sister far away, but she’s a young adult herself! How cool is that? It’s awesome because you get to see first hand how a teen would experience and enjoy these books. I’m so happy for you, it sounds really awesome. You should definitely include more on that as you continue to write, I’m extremely interested in what she has to say.


  4. I remember seeing the book “The City of Ember” on the shelf at my local library years ago. At least it feels like years ago. I can remember walking in to pick out additional books for my summer reading challenge. The cover of this book caught my eye but I never checked it out. I will have to check it out next time I’m at my library, especially since it’s part of a series.


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