It’s Monday! What are you reading? #IMWAYR 2/13/1


Last week’s reading was pretty productive, and I can say I enjoyed what I read. I have two books to share with you!


Someone Like You, Sarah Dessen| The majority of my week was spent with this book. The book is about two high school aged friends, Halley and Scarlett. Halley is a quiet person, while Scarlett tends to be more outgoing. Halley had always been the one to rely on Scarlett in the past. However, after Scarlett’s boyfriend dies and Scarlett finds out shortly after that she is pregnant with his child, Halley must step up and be the strong one.

This was my first experience reading a Sarah Dessen book. I remember seeing other girls read them in middle and high school, but never knew what they were about and was never drawn to them for whatever reason. While the book did hold my attention, I felt it was a touch cheesy at times. Granted, this is coming from my adult self, who has come to the realization that no matter how much we wanted it to be, high school was never be like the movies…hsm_together

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With that though, I don’t dismiss the merit of this book. My middle/high school self would have eaten these kinds of books up. I’m actually a little sad that I didn’t read more books like these when I was younger! Heaven knows I watched more than enough Lifetime movies at that age…this story was like a Lifetime movie in book form! Anyway. I see where the interest in books like these would be, and now have another recommendation in my arsenal!

417aglzcy4lAre You There God? It’s Me, Margaret Judy Blume| I continued with the books that somehow kind of missed me when I was younger theme. I absolutely loved this book! It is essentially a journal of sixth grader Margaret, as she transitions into a new house and new school. Margaret is a thinker. She tackles topics ranging from boys to periods, to family arguments, and even religion. I appreciate how much credit Blue gives Margaret. Kids are smart and always thinking, even if they don’t say anything. The book really focuses on Margaret trying to find her religion. I think that this book would be a good resource if you had a middle schooler (or even 4th/5th grader) that brought up religion in class, wanting to discuss it. A better alternative to dismissing their question for fear of talking about region in school.

On an unrelated note, I’m sharing this specific cover, because it is the cover of the book I bought. I found the attempt at rebranding the book to a younger generation amusing! It did get me thinking about how relatable the book would be to a sixth grader of today. There are some things that date the book, but I don’t know…I would be curious to see what a sixth grader would think of this book!

That does it for me. Happy Monday everyone! 🙂


6 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading? #IMWAYR 2/13/1

  1. I appreciate your comments about Sarah Dessen. I feel like her novels are fantastic for students; I have a few who have read her entire catalog. For me personally, she can be hit or miss. I absolutely loved Along for the Ride and Dreamland though.

    I hate to admit it, but I haven’t ready any Judy Blume. I have noticed that she has been quite popular within this class though.


  2. Someone like You was a book I read when I was younger, it was actually the first one I read. This book was turned into a movie, How to Deal, with Mandy Moore. I absolutely loved it at the time, and in turn fell for the book. I can see how they are specific to a teen mind-set though, that’s a good call. Great post!


  3. Sarah Dessen. Is. Life. I actually haven’t read Someone Like You, but I’ll be damned if I don’t check it out now. What an original idea for a book! It sounds like you tackled some challenging books this week, but they sound amazing. Thank you for the ideas, I’ll be adding these to my TBR list. I’ve been having a hard time finding some that will challenge me, and I think your post gave me the two I need!


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