It’s Monday! What are you reading? #imwayr 3/20/17

brightplaces1All the Bright Places| Jennifer Nieven This book is about two high school seniors, Violet and Finch. They meet under unusual circumstances–each is contemplating jumping from the six story bell tower at their high school. Finch comes from a very broken household and obsesses over death. He keeps a journal with famous suicide attempts as well as suicide related statistics. Violet is in a dark place, having lost her older sister in a car crash nearly a year ago. As far as their high school status is concerned, Finch and Violet come from completely different worlds. Nonetheless, Finch is able to convince Violet off the ledge, and the two end up developing a relationship that is equal parts beautiful and heart-wrenching.

I really enjoyed this book! It was yet another that I read very quickly because I just couldn’t put it down. The middle of the book was my absolute favorite. The love story that develops between Violet and Finch is so real and genuine. This is a book that will may you laugh until you cry, and until you don’t know up from down. It kept me on the edge of my seat and I really enjoyed reading it.

Paper Towns| John Green  Don’t have a ton to say on this book. My sister and I started it as our next book club book, and we are 7 chapters in. Margo and Quentin are next door neighbors that used to be best friends, and naturally faded apart as high school began. Suddenly, Margo shows up at Quentin’s door in the middle of the night, inviting him on a whirlwind adventure filled with pranks, revenge, and a lot of mystery. We don’t know why they are brought together, or why Margo is on this mission of vengeance. The story is set up to be interesting and mysterious enough to make you want to keep turning the pages.


4 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading? #imwayr 3/20/17

  1. Shoutout to Paper Towns! I’ve got it on my Kindle, and I loved it. John Green’s usually a big ol’ win for me, but he got bonus points because I love the name Margo. Have not, however, read All the Bright Places. I will now, though! 🙂


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