SOS. Book ship sinking. Need advice. #imwayr

the_maze_runner_coverThe Maze Runner James Dashner|Happy Monday, everyone! Last week was not incredibly interesting, so I don’t have a whole lot to share. I tried to branch out of  my comfort zone by reading The Maze Runner. It’s about a boy named Thomas that has had his memory wiped. He wakes up in a sort of camp with other teenage and young adult boys. Thomas learns that the camp is a maze with walls that move. The boys in the camp are stuck and must find a way out of the maze. While Thomas does not remember alot or know much about the situation, he as a strong intuition that he has been here before. He is determined to be the one to solves the maze.

Truth be told, I didn’t reach my four hours of reading this week. I’m about half way through the book, and I find it hard to get into. That made me less inclined to want to read, and then before I knew it, the week was over. I would’t say the book is bad–it’s just a very slow read. I find the concept interesting, but get bogged down by descriptions that are waaaaayyy too long. My mind starts to wander, and then I get lost. There is also a ton of new terminology that I haven’t caught onto.

So, as I reflect on this week, I wonder…Should I finish the book? I want some advice, because I’ve never put a book down without finishing it. I really want to find out the ending, because I’m the kind of person that has to know how a story ends, even if the ending isn’t good. But, I wonder it it’s worth putting myself through pages of descriptions. Should I skip to the end so I can find out how it ends? But then I risk missing important details. I’m such a visual person, so I think I would find the movie version of this book really interesting. Yet, it feels like a sin to watch a movie without reading the book first. Ha. While this week was anticlimactic as far as reading goes, it was also an eye opener. I know so many students that end up in my position and resent reading as a whole because of it. I think anytime I can gain another perspective a student might have towards education (good or bad), my time has been well spent.


4 thoughts on “SOS. Book ship sinking. Need advice. #imwayr

  1. It makes me so happy that you are choosing to read The Maze Runner #1 because I absolutely love the book and the movie and #2 I love reading and I’m so glad I’m not the only college student who reads for fun. I am currently reading a book that also has a pretty slow beginning and I will admit, it was hard to keep going at times. Your post also makes me think of the possibility of students losing motivation or interest in books when participating in reading class. How would you help students overcome motivation loss when reading a book? Thinking about it might help you to overcome motivation loss, too!


  2. This is an incredibly hard decision to make. Especially if you’re not a quitter in the book world. My advice; quit. Would you force students to read a book they hated? Think about all of the things we’ve learned thus far. If you don’t like it, move on. Find something you do like. You’ll thank yourself later for it. Good luck!


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