Can strangers be ruining my online reputation?

We’ve all been told multiple times how important the image we portray online is. “Future employers will see what you post!” I know that it’s common for potential employers to search for you on the Internet, but I’ve never actually thought about what that process looks like. So, I decided to stalk myself to see what came up. Before I tell you my results, I should inform you that my name is Savannah Johnson. With a last name like Johnson, I really should have anticipated what happened next.

What proceeded was five pages of Savannah Johnsons’ Twitter pages, obituaries, and a less than flattering picture of a fellow Savannah Johnson twerking. I gave up after five pages, because I didn’t think much would change, nor would a future employer dig that hard.

This was rather irritating to me, because I pride myself on the digital image I’ve created. My rule when posting to Facebook is to remember that my grandmothers, middle school teacher, and future mother in law will all see what I post. I’m fully aware that teachers are held to a different standard, and I respect that when online. When I send a future employer my resume, I don’t attach a picture to it, so what if they mistake me for the aforementioned twerker? Surely they have to realize that they may not find the person whose resume they possess when conducting a search like this….I hope! I would love any insight or reassurance that someone could give me.

So, I will say that after this experience, I did try Googling myself again. This time, I put the city I live in after my name in the search. These were the top three results.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 10.38.50 AM.png

My Goodreads account (I’m alright with that!), An about me page I had to make for another class (not bad), and my Facebook page (Again, just fine with me, given my rule). Plus, I have security settings set, so people only see what I want them to. Search results beyond these three weren’t embarrassing…they just didn’t pertain to me. (Also, in case you are wondering, I currently work for Weight Watchers…out of context, that might seem like an odd result to pop up!)

All in all, I’m satisfied with what I found when Googling myself. I wasn’t worried, because my life online isn’t terribly exciting, and that’s how I prefer to keep it. In the meantime, I just hope other Savannah Johnsons in the world don’t do anything too scandalous! At least until this June, when I get married and my name changes! Hm…having two different names online. Now that will be interesting to see if anything is affected! Until then, I’ll stay content with what I’ve got. 🙂


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