Quick Update on My Independent Learning Project

  1. In my super scientific ukulele research, I discovered something that blew my mind. A banjolele is a real thing! You heard me right, a cross between a ukulele and a banjo. How I made this discovery: my fiance plays the guitar, and is the beginning stages of learning Dueling Banjos on the guitar. After listening to him practice, and out of sheer curiosity, I looked up Dueling Banjos on the ukulele. What I found was the song being played by a ukulele and a banjolele. I am eons away from ever being able to do something like this, but it was fun to watch nonetheless.
    (PS, we tried it with a guitar and a ukulele, for fun. Managed to get through the first line before our fingers collapsed!)
  2. I continued to try out different songs on the ukulele that are written in the finger picking style that I mentioned last week. When I say songs, I’m taking the three line single melodys found in any beginner instrument book. Unfortunately, I learned pretty early on that I don’t yet have the skill set to manage a three minute¬†radio hit…maybe one day! Anyway, I don’t have a video to show you this week, because instead of getting really good at one or two, I got about half good at four or five. My plan for this upcoming week is to continue to work on the songs I found, and showcase them in a video! This last week was a little all over the place because I didn’t have much of a plan together. I still learned things, it was just harder without a goal or direction. I am happy to have a plan for the upcoming week, and the chance to share what I’ve been working on with you next week!

Hope everyone’s projects are going well! How do you approach each week? Do you have an end goal in mind, or let your learning take you wherever it goes?


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