A Quick #imwayr!

So, I was sitting here, doing homework, when panic struck. I NEVER DID MY #IMWAYR POST! When reviewing the finals week assignment sheet, I realized that it wasn’t actually assigned…Then, I was hit with the choice–skip it, because no one is requiring me, or do it anyway? Well, it seemed wrong not to do it, so here’s my #imwary on a Wednesday.


Paper Towns, John Green| My book club finally finished this one! Crazy schedules caused this book to be spread out over quite awhile. I enjoyed the majority of this book, but gotta say, my least favorite John Green book. The ending was such a let down!! I expected something more grandiose or flashy, given how much of a build up there was. In a way, I guess that was the point….butI still wasn’t happy about it. Live and learn I guess!  I’m interested to see what my other book club member thinks of it when we do a wrap up this week.


Small Steps, Louis Sachar| After trying to describe this book to a friend, I decided to re-read it for my old favorite bingo square. It’s a spin off of the book Holes! Before you get your hopes up, I do want to warn you that while it’s set in the same world as Holes, it’s not a hard and fast sequel. What it is, is a really good book! I enjoyed it just as much this time as I did years ago. It follows Armpit and X-Ray after they are released from Camp Green Lake. Armpit is just trying to get back to normal life–he has a job and is working to graduate high school. However, with a best friend like X-Ray, things don’t stay normal for too long. X-Ray convinces Armpit to go in with him on a concert ticket scalping stint to make a quick buck. Needless to say, their attempts don’t go quite as planned….Sachar does a great job of teaching of racial and social biases, while telling an entertaining story. A great follow up in my opinion!


One thought on “A Quick #imwayr!

  1. Wow..you hit the jackpot with these two books. Whenever I think of Louis Sachar all that comes to mind is Holes. Also, I have gotten really excited about John Green lately. Thank you for sharing!


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